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How to find the title of deleted or private YouTube videos

The title of the video is gone!

Don't we all just hate when this happens? You are suddenly missing a YouTube video from your carefully assorted playlist and can't even tell which video it was exactly. Now all you see is a useless [Deleted video] or [Private video] instead of the original video name.

Thanks YouTube!

Deleted YouTube video

Here is what you can do about it

Don't worry, most of the time you can easily find out what video it was! This is what you should do:

1. Copy the link of the deleted video

Right-click the video that got deleted and select Copy link address from the context menu.

Right-click and copy link address

2. Paste the link at the top of this page

Right-click the text box at the top of this page and click Paste to start a search for the video. If the link is part of our databse, YTchecker will instantly tell you the title of the video!

Right-click and paste link address

3. Google for the video link

Chances are that the video you're looking for is not part of our database yet. In this case, please refer to the instructions we give you and try to google for the link by clicking the red button as seen in the following image.

This should give you some results that will hopefully shed light on the video you're after!

Google for the YouTube link